Are you trying to plan a trip or are you going to fill a cooler with drinks and just go with the flow of the river? If your plan is to canoe or kayak until you can’t anymore and call us for a pick-up, come on over and start your adventure. If you are looking for a more in depth plan, read our estimated times to specific pick-up locations on the Huron River. You can always call or e-mail us if you have any questions regarding your plan, or not so specific plan. Don’t forget to check out the weather. You can find out the current weather, as well as the forecast, for our location by checking out the right side of the page! How easy is that?


Kensington Group Camp – This is going to take you between 1-2 hours depending on how fast you canoe or kayak. Eating a good breakfast might help too.

Dawson Road – This is going to take you between 2-3 hours. Make sure your friend gets a good nights rest so they can paddle here while you relax in the back.

Kensington Shore Park Shore Fishing Pick-up – This is going to take 3-4 hours. Personal paddlers and masseuses are not currently available so make sure you do your stretches.

Kensington East Boat Launch – This is going to take you 4-5 hours. Fill up the cooler, bring your bathing suits. and get ready for an adventure that will provide entertainment and great memories. Who said exercising was boring?

Proud Lake Trips – Trips to Proud Lake can take 2-6 hours depending on where you go. No matter what you choose, you’ll have a great time and Village Canoe Rental can help!

Helpful Links:

Waiver Form:  If you have a big group and want to fill out the paperwork in advance, or just want to see what you are signing up for, click on this link to our waiver form.

Huron River Map:  This is the map of the Huron River that we give to help you navigate your trip.

If you still have questions, call one of our team members to learn more about planning your canoe or kayak trip.